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Attorney Sekou Gary Delivers Commencement Address to Everglades Preparatory Academy’s Graduating Class of 2018

Gary Returns to Parents’ Hometown of Pahokee, Florida

(Pahokee, FL) Trial attorney Sekou Gary recently visited Everglades Preparatory Academy in Pahokee, Florida to serve as the keynote speaker for the 2018 Commencement Exercises. Gary addressed the parents, relatives, faculty, administration and most importantly, 47 graduates! Gary spoke to the graduates on the topic of preparing themselves for college and life outside of the classroom.

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Everglades Preparatory Academy endeavors to offer students a non-traditional, smaller, innovative and challenging learning environment. It prides itself on offering a supportive, interactive and a technology-rich secondary program that prepares each student for a post-secondary education and successful career, while providing dropout prevention and academic intervention services through alternative education.

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“I am so proud of these graduates,” commented Gary. “Everglades Preparatory Academy has impressed upon these young men and women the importance of a solid education and working to achieve academic excellence. I am honored that I was able to return to my parents’ hometown to share a few words with 47 remarkable graduates. I know, without a doubt, that these graduates will blaze new trails and pioneer new paths,” Gary continued.

Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit against G4S Security Service

Press Release May 9, 2018

Contacts: Kori Searcy, Director, Public Relations
Phone: (772) 283-8260 or (772) 485-6565
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May 10, 2018

Contacts: Kori Searcy, Director, Public Relations
Phone: (772) 283-8260 or (772) 485-6565
Web site:

Attorney Willie Gary and Team File Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit against G4S Security Service for Negligence, Disregard and Failure to Properly Evaluate Employee Omar Mateen –
Pulse Nightclub Assassin

G4S Security Service Failed to Properly Evaluate, Monitor, Train and Follow Acceptable Guidelines while Employing Pulse Nightclub Shooter, Omar Mateen, which Resulted in the Death of 49 People – Second Deadliest Mass Shooting by a Single Shooter in United States History

(Stuart, FL) Trial attorneys Willie Gary and LeRonnie Mason of the Stuart, Florida-based law firm of Gary, Williams, Parenti, Watson & Gary, P.L.L.C., filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit on behalf of the family of Shane Tomlinson. Tomlinson, who was just 33 years-old, was gunned down on June 12, 2016, when Omar Mateen opened fire in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The nearly three-hour rampage left 49 people dead and another 53 people wounded. It is recorded as the second deadliest mass shooting by a single shooter in United States history and an unfathomable attack on the LGBT community. Shane Tomlinson suffered critical harm including permanent bodily injury, disfigurement, mental anguish, disability and subsequently, death.

The lawsuit details a series of flagrant violations and negligence displayed by G4S Security whose job it is to employ and train armed security guards, and assist officers in obtaining and maintaining licensure to carry firearms. In breach of these duties, prior to hiring and training Mateen, and prior to Mateen obtaining his Class G firearms license, G4S failed to conduct a thorough background check and an appropriate psychological evaluation of Mateen, that was to be reviewed and approved by a licensed psychologist.

The lawsuit details that G4S admitted to giving Mateen psychological clearance by using a document from a doctor who had never interviewed or even evaluated Mateen.

In addition, G4S continued to employ and allow Mateen to keep his license to carry a firearm despite the fact that they knew Mateen had been dismissed by the Florida Department of Corrections for making threats against his training class and for threatening to carry weapons into unauthorized locations. G4S continued to employ and allow Mateen to maintain his license to carry a firearm despite the fact that they knew Mateen made violent threats against co-workers and their families and proclaimed an allegiance to various terrorist groups including Al-Qaeda. Finally, G4S continued to employ and allow Mateen to maintain his license to carry a firearm despite the fact that a co-worker noted that Mateen was “unhinged and unstable,” and engaged in homophobic and racist rants and talked about his desire to kill people.

As a result of the aforementioned negligence of G4S, Shane Tomlinson and 48 others prematurely lost their lives, without cause or provocation.

“G4S took a calculated risk by not taking the necessary precautions or implementing the necessary evaluations, monitoring and training procedures for their guards,” commented Willie Gary. “As a result of their negligence, Shane Tomlinson and 48 others lost their lives, while many others were wounded. There is no amount of money that will ever be able to replace the loss of Shane, but we hope that our pursuit of justice will force G4S to properly evaluate, monitor and train their officers,” continued Gary.

Attorney Willie E. Gary and team are no strangers to seeking justice. Mr. Gary and his legal team are known for taking on some of the nation’s most powerful corporate giants. In 2014, a jury awarded Gary an unprecedented $23.6 billion verdict against RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company. In 1995, a jury awarded Gary and his legal team a record-breaking, half-billion dollars against one of the world’s largest funeral chains, The Loewen Group. In addition, Gary is noted for winning a $240 million jury verdict in Orange County against the Walt Disney Corporation for his clients who alleged that Disney stole their idea for a sports theme park. In 2001, a jury awarded Gary a $139.6 million verdict for the Maris Distributing Company against Anheuser Busch.

Attorney Willie E. Gary

Attorney Willie E. Gary

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