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Legal Trends in Personal Injury Law

It’s important to understand that personal injury law is a constantly changing field of expertise. There may be a variety of causes that might lead a case to be categorized as such. This means that the entire division of personal injury is regulated by an abundance of legal clauses and provisions and as such they are constantly changing to fit the demands of modern day society.

One of the latest trends is related to social media and the way that it influences personal injury cases. The fact is that the majority on people who are on social media are mostly there to share different aspects on their lives with close friends and family. The reality is that social media can very well be used against you. You have to be extremely careful as to what you share on the media because it could be used as evidence against you.

Nevertheless, workers’ compensation claims have also taken a considerable hit in the state of Florida for the last few years. There is also a tendency for the insurance companies to start shifting towards personal injury law as opposed to their previously taken no-fault status. The main reason for this is that this particular plan which aims to minimize the exposure of insurance companies might as well easily backfire. The state of Florida is currently ravaged by different fraudulent personal injury claims which aim to collect funds that are actually not due.

Individual claims

However, as far as individual claims go, most of the insurance companies tend to be rather intimidating towards claimants and their physicians, relying on the fact that they won’t go so far to actually examine the actual science behind the trauma. Therefore most of the typical ways for intimidation tend to be rather successful. However, with a good lawyer representing the victim, tables can turn quickly.

At the same time there has been a recent debate on whether or not personal injury should be relevant division of the law as opposed to tort law. The prevailing opinion still remains that personal injury is a necessary fragmentation of tort law and as such it should remain intact. The reason for this once again lies within the variety of causes. The magistrates of Florida tend to believe that these potential case merits should be enveloped in a particular area in order to keep things concise and compiled.

Legal Protection

The alternative is not preferable as it would allow a wide subjection of the particular area which would inevitably lead to improper legal protection as well as inadequate representation. Even though it may cost the corporate niche quite some funds, personal injury law is absolutely mandatory when it comes to protecting people’s personal rights. It’s something that should remain intact, as it is believed by the majority of magistrates.

Stuart, Florida’s Own Chancellor Gary, Son of Attorney Sekou Gary and Grandson of Attorney Willie Gary to be featured on the Lifetime Channel’s Child Genius

Child Genius: Battle of the Brightest Premieres Tomorrow at 8 p.m. on Lifetime

Child Genius 2016Chancellor Gary, 10, is ready to take his brilliance on the road!  The homeschooled 6th grader has already received numerous accolades for his extraordinary intelligence, including high honors from John Hopkins University CTY International Talent Search.  Now, beginning January 7, 2016 at 8 p.m., people across the nation can see Chancellor excel at a wide variety of brain power questions-and-answers when he participates in Season 2 of Child Genius: Battle of the Brightest on the Lifetime Channel.

Lifetime’s competition series Child Genius: Battle of the Brightest features America’s most extraordinary children as they prepare for the ultimate academic competition.  Chancellor was one of only 12 children selected nationwide to compete.  The competition, created in cooperation with American Mensa, takes place over ten weeks and tests the competitors on their knowledge in categories such as math, spelling, literature, geography, logic, science and current events.  The winner receives a $100,000 college fund and the title of “Child Genius 2016”.  Former NASA astronaut, Leland Melvin is the host.

In addition to the coursework taught at home by his mother, Taylora, Chancellor has tutors in physics, chemistry, biology and economics.  Chancellor also participates in spelling bees, chess tournaments and First Lego League challenges to appease his competitive side.  He is committed to his extra-curricular activities which include guitar and basketball.  He is also a black belt in Taekwondo and has achieved the First Class rank in Boy Scouts.

Chancellor is a video game enthusiast who aspires to be a Software Developer and Attorney.

Chancellor takes on the eleven other contestants, ranging from 9 to 12 years old, as they begin the quest to be named “Child Genius of 2016”.  Show premieres Thursday, January 7, 2016 at 8pm/7c on the Lifetime Network.

Child Genius 2016 Group Shot