Commercial & International Litigation

The Commercial and International Litigation Department is one of the law firm’s fastest growing areas of practice.  It is responsible for the largest verdicts and settlements in the history of the law firm, and more impressively, the largest verdict of 23.6 Billion against ‘big tobacco’.

The Commercial and International Litigation Department is comprised of approximately a dozen attorneys with diverse backgrounds legal skills, language skills and a combined legal experience exceeding 135 years.

This Department has been recognized nationally due to its impact on class actions and other complex commercial litigations.  It has also been reported as one of the fastest growing commercial litigation practices in the country, and it prides itself on its creativity, determination, and sheer drive.  This department frequency represents clients in contract cases, anti-trust and other traditional commercial litigation cases.  It also handles class action discrimination cases against some of the country’s largest corporations, which have continually treated minority employees as second-class citizens.  Paradoxically, in certain cases, the firm has represented and defended major corporations who were being wrongfully sued.

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