Attorney Sekou Gary Delivers Commencement Address to Everglades Preparatory Academy’s Graduating Class of 2018

Gary Returns to Parents’ Hometown of Pahokee, Florida

(Pahokee, FL) Trial attorney Sekou Gary recently visited Everglades Preparatory Academy in Pahokee, Florida to serve as the keynote speaker for the 2018 Commencement Exercises. Gary addressed the parents, relatives, faculty, administration and most importantly, 47 graduates! Gary spoke to the graduates on the topic of preparing themselves for college and life outside of the classroom.

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Everglades Preparatory Academy endeavors to offer students a non-traditional, smaller, innovative and challenging learning environment. It prides itself on offering a supportive, interactive and a technology-rich secondary program that prepares each student for a post-secondary education and successful career, while providing dropout prevention and academic intervention services through alternative education.

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“I am so proud of these graduates,” commented Gary. “Everglades Preparatory Academy has impressed upon these young men and women the importance of a solid education and working to achieve academic excellence. I am honored that I was able to return to my parents’ hometown to share a few words with 47 remarkable graduates. I know, without a doubt, that these graduates will blaze new trails and pioneer new paths,” Gary continued.

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