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Trial Attorneys Willie Gary and Son Sekou Gary File $250 Million Lawsuit for 66 Year-Old who Suffered Multiple Catastrophic Injuries due to Honda Motors Company’s and Takata Corporation’s Defectively Designed Airbag

Trial attorneys Willie Gary and his son Sekou Gary of the Florida-based law firm of Gary, Williams, Parenti, Watson and Gary, P.L.L.C., filed a $250 million lawsuit on behalf of their client, 66 year-old Zainab Prowell.  Prowell was headed to visit her mother in a Broward County, Florida nursing home, when the Honda Accord that she was driving at less than 15 miles per hour, collided with a concrete utility fixture.  The vehicle’s airbag immediately and with excessive pressure deployed, causing life-threatening injuries.

The lawsuit alleges that as a result of the aggressive and unnecessary manner in which the airbag deployed, the client lost her left eye, lost hearing in her left ear, fractured nearly every bone in her face which is now disfigured, lost all of her teeth, and suffered permanent brain damage after being in a coma for over 30 days.  Following the incident, Prowell was never able to return to her home in New York and has had to relocate to Florida for ongoing medical care.  The suit contends that Ms. Prowell’s medical care, to date, exceeds $2 million and it is expected that she will incur another $50 million over the span of her lifetime.

Willie and Sekou Gary contend that Honda Motor Corporation and Takata Corporation, the manufacturer of the airbag found in the client’s Honda vehicle, negligently designed, manufactured, produced and distributed the airbag, which caused Ms. Prowell’s and thousands of other similar occurrences.  Gary and Gary argue that the airbag was defective and dangerous and should not have deployed with such aggressive force at less than 15 miles per hour collision.  The claim further details that even though there has been an airbag recall in Broward County, Honda and Takata knew of this defect but refused to make the necessary corrections.

“Takata took a calculated risk by manufacturing defective airbags and Honda took a risk by knowing the airbags were defective and allowing them to be placed in their vehicles,” commented Gary.  “As a result of their negligence, our client lost an eye, lost hearing in her left ear, lost all of her teeth and is permanently brain damaged.  There is no amount of money that will ever be able to replace her quality of life.  We hope that the filing of this lawsuit will send a message to Honda and Takata and will force them to stop putting the lives of innocent people in jeopardy,” continued Gary.

Attorney Willie E. Gary and his legal team are no strangers to seeking justice. Mr. Gary is known for taking on some of the nation’s most powerful corporate giants. In 2014, a jury awarded Gary and team an unprecedented $23.6 billion verdict against RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company.  In 1995, a jury awarded Gary and his legal team a record-breaking, half-billion dollars against one of the world’s largest funeral chains, The Loewen Group. In addition, Gary is noted for winning a $240 million jury verdict in Orange County against the Walt Disney Corporation for his clients who alleged that Disney stole their idea for a sports theme park. In 2001, a jury awarded Gary a $139.6 million verdict for the Maris Distributing Company against Anheuser Busch.